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Spoon carving workshop

Creative Courses

We’ve fantastic creative spaces here at the farm and a wonderful network of artists and artisans who work with us and share our vision. Our willow workshops are always popular, and we’ve already planted willow on-site so we can use home grown materials in the future. We are also planning to run classes in shepherd’s crook making and spoon carving, using materials such as wood and horn from the farm. Other courses include Christmas wreath-making, and spinning wool from our sheep and llamas. We’re open to ideas from creative practitioners, so if inspiration has struck, please get in touch! 


Current planned events are shown below. Click the book now button to reserve your place. 

Thank you so much for the warmest of welcomes yesterday afternoon
I'm not creative in the slightest but was able to produce a piece of art that resembled a dragon fly...

 Thanks to June and her patience in presenting the course.

I'll definitely look out for more of the same to see if I've found my creative niche. 

 My family are nervous about what they may be getting from Christmas from me this year 

Kim Mackean

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